Slipper chair

Capsule Cosy

A magnetic collaboration

The meeting between Fabrice Juan and the house Métaphores was inevitable. The likely consequence of an invisible magnetic song. The result of an inescapable attraction.
From the fruit of this collaboration was born a creation aptly named "Capsule Cosy", comforting, which naturally reminds us of the pink ochres encountered at dawn. When the sun is still invisible, it is looming by the glow of colorful volutes. The day will be beautiful, mesmerizing, and cushioned.

Villa Classified M

Métaphores exhibits the most prestigious names of decoration in an exceptional villa by Mallet Stevens. Discover this sumptuous home and the entire collection in an outstanding short film.

Neo style at its climax

The Capsule slipper chair, covered with the oversize Cosy chenille, has an incredible charm. It feigns indifference in order to settle even more in timelessness. It is a deceptively understated piece with subtlety. The geometric vocabulary gives it a sculptural force. Its generous curves impose it as an unbeatable piece. The fabric material, incredibly voluptuous fleece contrasts with the monolithic black base. A subtle ellipse reminiscent of the hollow joints surrounded in black around the exterior bricks of the villa Cavrois. The soul of the place is respected.

Base in dark stained oak

Dimensions: L 65 X H 75 X P 80

Price with fabric: 4 938 €


@metaphoresparis – Artistic Director : Emilie Paralitici – Styling : Aurélie des Robert – Photos : Gaëlle le Boulicaut – Location: Villa Cavrois

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