Saint-Germain Arundo

A magnetic collaboration

The meeting between Fabrice Juan and the house Métaphores was inevitable. The likely consequence of an invisible magnetic song. The result of an inescapable attraction.

The Saint-Germain bench, covered with Arundo cotton jacquard germinated from these exchanges. It has been draped in elegant foliage over the course of the discussions. It has become an ephemeral refuge in the image of the famous creations of the artist Andy Goldsworthy. An imposing silhouette, not without humor, endeavors to be forgotten under a persistent foliage. An elegant proposal that gently acclimatizes to the modernity of the most refined interiors.

The four seasons of the Saint-Germain Arundo bench

In this collaboration, the quest for perfection does not stop at the first emotion. Fabrice Juan and Métaphores have envisioned to keep the Saint-Germain bench alive to the rhythm of the seasons. Also, the Arundo fabric with the "cane of Provence" motif, comes in 4 seasons of glistening colors.

A nod to Mallet Stevens

A touch narcissistic, the elegant Saint-Germain Arundo bench is humbling when it settles in the imposing lobby of Mallet Stevens' iconic Villa Cavrois. Surrounded by a theatre of clay bricks, it brings nature into an alcove of modernity. The promise of a nuanced cameo is kept.

Dimensions: L 235 x H 70 x W seat 53 / total 82
Available made to measure


@metaphoresparis – Artistic Director : Emilie Paralitici – Styling : Aurélie des Robert – Photos : Gaëlle le Boulicaut – Location: Villa Cavrois

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