French living, an art that grows daily.

Cozy atmospheres, restless avenues, casual palaces, iodized bistros, romantic parks, vibrant neighborhoods, unusual passages, literary cafes, sparklingly starred restaurants...
France has so many riches to share that it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Fabrice Juan.


France is synonymous with the art of living but also of absolute luxury.

A sensitivity that grows daily.

The French refinement is appreciated in the addition of these precious little moments. The mirror icing of a somewhat flirtatious pastry, the design of a neo-classical façade, the deep red body of a fine wine aged for years, the quaint charm of a hidden alley, the refinement of a Haussmann apartment whose elegance, the moldings and its nobility provide an unwavering sensation of pleasure. How can you not fall in love?

France is an incredible source of inspiration for aesthetes and hedonists around the world.

Paris, a worthy representative of the French art of living.

Paris, the sensational. Paris, the delicious.

Its roofs, mixed with zinc, green copper, gold and slate. Its palaces inherited from the universal exhibition that marry classicism and wrought iron. Its unique white stone, its sculptures, its monuments that capture with grace the morning light. Its lounges offer breathtaking views of famous domes, stone lacework cathedrals and fabulous breakthrough views.

Fabrice Juan adores Paris for its diversity, its eclecticism and its ultimate chic.

Each new project is an opportunity to share with you the richness of French living.

Listening to our sensations.

Fabrice Juan maintains this luxury of every moment with exceptional artisans.

The pleasure of the eyes with the work of marquetry, the magic of a master craftsman’s joint, the reflection of a lacquer, the veining of a marble, and its sumptuous sheer.

The pleasure of the hand, with thick flannels, silky woolens, natural taffetas and precious bristles, which provide delicious sensations.

The pleasure of hearing the hushed atmospheres that isolate you from the frenetic outside rhythm.

Fabrice Juan imagines your abode, so as to immediately transport you into an absolute refinement: that of French luxury.

I imagine your abode so that it immediately carries you into an absolute refinement: that of French luxury.

France and its styles inspire me.
Let yourself be seduced by its charms.