Sofa Saint-Germain

Bauhaus Edition

Bauhaus - A movement that deeply marked the 20th century

To mark the occasion of the Bauhaus' 100th anniversary, Fabrice Juan produces an extremely limited series of 10 copies of the Saint-Germain Bauhaus edition model that pays homage to him.

Fabrice Juan has an incredibly special relationship with the craft world. The pieces in his collections are unique works performed by goldsmiths who are, more often than not, part of a global project. A philosophy inherited from the Bauhaus movement, which in the 1920s advocated the unification of all arts and know-how around architecture and construction.

The quintessence of modern architecture

The Bauhaus has changed our vision of architecture, decoration and our way of life. The Saint-Germain Bauhaus edition sofa revisits, quite spectacularly, the minimalist lines of the Saint-Germain sofa, superimposing three characteristic colors of the 1920s.

The Bauhaus-edition Saint-Germain sofa is a unique, limited, numbered piece accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Fabrice Juan. The 10 copies are made on demand.

L 235 X l 82 X h 70 - Seat: 53
L 235 X l 99 X h 70 - Seat: 70


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