Flat plate ø27 cm


With the Figari plates, we let ourselves be transported to the creeks of the Island of Beauty.
This collection allows you to dive into the colorful and playful universe of Fabrice Juan while celebrating French know-how.

Dimensions : ø27 cm
This plate is entirely handmade by a French company.
Our earthenware are exceptional pieces. They include distinctive signs, play with materials, nuances in the colors which make the charm of the artisanal ceramics.

Plate in white clay, white enamel, yellow and coral red colors.

Our earthenware can be put in the dishwasher, but it is not recommended to soak it or to wash it too long. The use of the microwave oven is not recommended, however, the plates can be preheated in the traditional oven, taking care to avoid thermal shocks.
Reuse the paper dividers provided with your box to stack and store your plates, to avoid any risk of scratching.

Made in France

Dive into the colorful and playful universe of Fabrice Juan!

« The playful aspect guided my drawing towards simple, geometric forms, in the taste of the 70's with notions of interlocking and assembling motifs. »

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