Colorplay 04

A collection of totem vases in a playful and Pop spirit. These vases are directly inspired by the designer’s childhood memories and some regressive sweets!
The collection invites one to have fun and play with the object. You can arrange the vases next to each other, nest them to make a totemic sculpture or contemplate them in their primary function with a bouquet of flowers.

Dimensions : Height : 40 cm – ø : 12 cm

Fabrice Juan collaborated with a porcelain workshop in Limoges in order to achieve the perfect shape and to proceed to delicate color tests… a work of patience which required many passages in the oven!

Vase in porcelain of Limoges, realized in green, blue and black colors.

Fabrication Française

Totem vases by Fabrice Juan

« The game of assembly, the stacking giving free rein to the composition is a sweet and pleasant memory of my childhood which, without knowing it, would lead me to interior architecture and design. »

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