Collection of 6 vases


These 6 Colorplay vases combining deep primary colors and intense black are directly inspired by the designer’s childhood memories and some regressive sweets! A collection of totem vases in a playful and Pop spirit. Both inspiring and daring, the Colorplay collection is a declaration of love to design.

Dimensions: Height: 40 cm – ø 12 cm
Colorplay 01 : yellow, black, red and pink colors
Colorplay 02 : green, blue and black colors
Colorplay 03 : blue, yellow, green and red colors
Colorplay 04 : green, blue and black colors
Colorplay 05 : pink, green, blue and black colors

Dimensions : Height : 16 cm – ø : 12 cm
Colorplay 06 : pink, green, blue and black colors

Vases en porcelaine de Limoges.

Made in France

Totem vases by Fabrice Juan

« The game of assembly, the stacking giving free rein to the composition is a sweet and pleasant memory of my childhood which, without knowing it, would lead me to interior architecture and design. »

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