The soul of Mondrian in a Neo-Retro style

The "40s style" revisited by Fabrice Juan gives this apartment a timeless dimension. In this unique location, which enjoys a breathtaking view of the Trocadero, the largest houses were invited as part of a renovation as respectful as it was inspired. As a testament, this imposing stained-glass Mondrian inspired window, designed and made to measure in the entrance gallery.
A work of art that itself provides diverse lighting throughout the day.


Generous volumes and an omnipresent 40s style.

The art crafts put in the spotlight.

Fabrice Juan surrounds himself with artisans driven by passion and the quest for excellence to realize his design.
The decorative paintings of the Grand Salon are, for example, the work of the artisan restorers of the statues of the Pont Alexandre III.

Marbles, brass, and cold metallization dress this place of refinement.

Located on the axis of the Eiffel Tower, this apartment enjoys an intoxicating view of the Place du Trocadéro.

Glowing lacquers

The large doors in pastel blue glossy lacquer reflect the immensity of the living room. Designed at the request of the thankful owners, they underline the door plates and door stops in chiseled bronze.

How to resist emotion?

Fabrice Juan has paid particular care to the design of the floors and the styles of the cornices in plaster. The 40s style prevails in a more synthetic and timeless approach.

The kitchen at the center of the French art de vivre

In this kitchen, made mainly with an off-white lacquer, a large wall of cupboards in wood veneer and inlays of stone, bring warmth and graphic design to the room.

In the manner of a sculptor, Fabrice Juan dresses the generous volumes of light.

Architectural revisiting. A question of modernity.

‘Revisiting’ is playing with proportions, and simultaneously preserving and respecting the identity of a place while imagining a new framework of life. 

This elegant corridor, a place of passage often inconsistent and neglected, brings a gentle feeling of tranquility.

The bathroom transports us to the cabin of a luxury transatlantic ocean liner. A private space to retire, relax and pamper oneself.

The masterpiece of the living room in cream stone echoes the stone used in the Place du Trocadéro for the Museum of Man and Architecture.