Modernity, luxury and elegance above the canopy

Overlooking the trees, this apartment with a breathtaking view of the Bois de Boulogne and the Louis Vuitton Foundation, provides an immediate and incredible sensation of well-being. A place with a beautiful positive energy, whose mastered style is played, not without humor, styles, eras and conventions.


The material, the light, the colors... a perpetual search for the perfect equilibrium.

Red as the ardent desire

The walls and doors with dark tones are enhanced by fillets of gold leaf. The bright red of the console is dressed in a hypnotic, tonic and vigorous patina.

We transform every moment into fulfillment.

The spirit of the Palace in an exceptional apartment

The large and the small living rooms are just the right balance between classicism and modernity.

The wool rug fits perfectly with the coffee table in straw marquetry, Jean Michel Franck armchairs and the large circular carpet striped in black and white.

No matter the trend, only the style remains timeless

The stately dining room.

Fully covered with woodwork and bookcases, the dining room was decorated with a faux wood paint, in a specially designed tone for the customer.