A high-fashion, monumental and felted apartment

In this exceptional apartment of 376 m², Fabrice Juan invites us to an incredibly luxurious, soft and silky world.
Located on one of the most famous Parisian avenues that stretches from the Trocadero garden to the Place Charles de Gaulle, this magnificent setting offers breathtaking views of the most emblematic monuments of the capital.
Allow yourself to be seduced by its charm!


The gilts of the dome of the Hotel des Invalides were a valuable source of inspiration.

A stroll ‘à la Française’

This apartment lends itself to the game of the promenade.

It is in experiencing it that we fully appreciate the elegance. Each room is an invitation to discover, with every turn, the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides or even the golden domes of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.


The pure lines of the Iéna apartment are the result of intense work. 
As with Haute Couture, they are refined by drawing.

A majestic entrance, conducive to improvised encounters.

"I dreamed of this space as a gallery... exciting discussion around works of art."

The entrance, with its very graphic floor, becomes a meeting space dressed in contemporary paintings. The disproportionate and surrounded openings of black woodwork are of rare elegance. They distribute the various reception spaces.

The moldings, exaggerated and yet so fine, testify to care in every detail. The spiral staircase maintains the mystery of the rooms upstairs.

Furniture signed by goldsmiths.

Most of the furniture has been designed and made to measure for the privileged possessors, paying particular attention to the choice of the different materials used. As this dresser in the master bedroom, designed in lacquer and brass, which demonstrates all the know-how of great craftsmen.

The works of arts have been selected with taste. In the dining room a magnificent work by Jitish Kallat and a large mirror by Mathias Kiss above the chimney designed by Fabrice Juan and conceived in earthenware by the Atelier Prométhée.

My formal repertoire is sober, but accurate.

A private collection for art lovers.

The selection of works of art and vintage furniture were made in collaboration with Aster.