A cabinet of curiosities for an eclectic collector.

For this project, the least atypical, Fabrice Juan offers to its owner a space that resembles him.
As a knowledgeable collector, he carefully selects rare pieces that he likes to surround himself with. Impromptu travel and a passion for Oceanian art, African statues, art deco furniture but also Futurism induces great pleasure in the surprises it brings.


Unity, harmony and coherence are the watchwords of this unusual place.

Taking the time to think

The long corridors that distribute the different spaces of this apartment were thought of as breathing brackets. Their neutrality prepares us to make new discoveries all the more enriching.

Each object collected is, in fact, an invitation to travel.

A gallery that stimulates the imagination

Decorated niches become the storefronts of everyday life.
Alone or grouped in coherent series, these unique pieces are magnified in a case.
The choice of patinas and materials know how to be forgotten to the benefit of these works of art.

Precision of spectacular assemblies

It is in the smallest detail that perfection draws its quintessence. The marriage of rare wood essences, the choice of high Crystal and decorative gilded pieces give the ensemble an incredible power.

An architecture that stages what we are, opens us to the other.