Nymphe x Lelièvre

Fabrice Juan and La maison Lelièvre join forces for divine collaboration

Inspired by Greek mythology, the Nymphe sofa is adorned, for the time of a collection, in a satin fabric with an outsized geometric pattern. Created by the prestigious Lelièvre manufacturer, this precious fabric with a shimmering weave invites the eye to stroll through the long winding corridors of an endless labyrinth. Could this subtle collaboration be the work of Daedalus? The mystery is cast.

An incredible aura!

Fabrice Juan shakes up the rules with this impressive Nymphe sofa dressed in light.
Enveloping, silky and refined, the HERA fabric from the new 2021 collection offers a very natural and alluring touch.

Deliciously enveloping

True to its reputation, La maison Lelièvre achieves a real technical feat by dressing the Nymphe sofa with a pattern as ambitious as it is graphic. The result is simply spectacular. The undformed patterns align with the rigor and elegance of antique friezes.

In the confidence of the workmanship

HERA fabric comes in 8 colours that are as desirable as they are precious: White, Natural, Absinthe, Poppy, Rosewood, Lapis, Outremer, Forest. It is up to you to imagine in which distinguished outfit your Nymphe sofa will be dressed.

L 225 X l 90 X h 75 - Seat: 38

Price with fabric: 9 416 €


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